The 5 Step Gameplan We Used To Create a Steady Stream of ‘Ready To Go’ Real Estate Leads and Clients and Scale Our Business To 7 Figures Per Year... 
All without cold calling or spending tons of money on marketing!
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Thursday, January 30

3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern
You're Going To Discover...
  • A step by step game plan to attract ‘now’ leads and clients and get off the 'real estate cash flow roller coaster' once and for all... 
  • The real reason why cold calling, and spending tons of money on marketing are NOT good strategies… and how you can begin attracting your ideal clients starting TODAY...
  • How you can charge a higher commission and get it every time… even if you’re a newer agent or don’t have a proven track record...
  • The secret to building a 7 figure real estate team that makes you money while you sleep… and how you can do it quickly even if you don’t currently have a lot of leads or a large list.
  • How our clients are creating true freedom in their businesses and lives without hiring a huge staff and having massive overhead… and the secret that makes it happen practically overnight.
  • AND… how we do all of this without tons of trial and error, spending money on the next shiny object, and without it taking 10+ years!
Presented by
Danny Batsalkin
Danny Batsalkin is the Founder and CEO of DSCVR Properties. He's helped hundreds of real estate agents grow their businesses to 6 and 7 figures per year!
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