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6 & 7  figure businesses. 
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"I couldn't imagine starting in real estate without the DSCVR Network system! I began as a brand new agent in the business and sold over $20 million in real estate in just my second year.  DSCVR Properties gave me the foundation I needed to get business right away, and continue my growth. Thank you DSCVR!"


"I have been in real estate for over 20 years, and was frustrated trying to build my own infrastructure, systems and team. I joined the DSCVR Network so that I could focus on what I'm best at - selling real estate - while DSCVR handles the rest! The result has been tremendous."
Over $1 Billion of Real Estate SOLD by Agents with The DSCVR System!

Tatiana Veres

Allen Brake

"I want to thank you for your coaching! You have been amazing and helped my business and income double!  I can not tell you how much I appreciate your help.  You have been amazing."
Some of The Properties Our Agents Are 
Listing & Selling Using The DSCVR System!
1077 Westlake Boulevard | Malibu, CA | $6,999,000
2520 Glendower Avenue | Los Feliz, CA | $5,200,000
2708 Carmar Drive | Hollywood Hills, CA | $4,700,000
22377 Cass Avenue | Woodland Hills, CA | $1,739,000

Tatiana Veres

Allen Brake

"I want to thank you for your coaching! You have been amazing and helped my business and income double!  I can not tell you how much I appreciate your help.  You have been amazing."
DSCVR Leveraged Administrative Services
Concierge Level 'Done-For-You' Listing And Closing Management Services For Residential Real Estate Agents

In the beginning...
Danny Batsalkin grew up in a family that emigrated to the United States when Danny was three years old.  In Danny's household, there were only three types of people in the world - Lawyers, Doctors and everyone else.  As a result,  Danny ended up going to law school at Pepperdine University, where he graduated with a JD / MBA, and subsequently practiced real estate law for three years.  To his family, this may have been the definition of "success", but Danny felt unfulfilled and could not see himself working at a law firm for his entire career.  He knew there should be more to life than working in an office 80 hours a week.

While he was practicing law, Danny had the opportunity to help several clients purchase and sell residential real estate and he immediately discovered that he had a passion for the industry.  Danny immediately set out on his own and started a real estate brokerage with his wife, Elena.
The realization...
Danny achieved immediate success helping clients buy and sell real estate in Southern California, which necessitated the growth of his real estate brokerage.  When other agents started joining Danny and his team, he quickly saw that the real estate industry was broken.  The barriers to entry into real estate are low, yet once agents receive their license there is little to no coaching or training, there is no schedule, no structure, no accountability, and agents are expected to do everything without any support.

Danny did further research and realized that the attrition rate in the real estate industry is atrocious - 50% of agents leave the business within the first year and 75% leave before the end of year two.  Worse yet, less than 3.5% of real estate agents earn six figures in annual net income.
The evolution...
When Danny started training and coaching real estate agents, he discovered that his true passion was to help agents build successful businesses.  Although there are many real estate "coaches" and "trainers," Danny saw that there was no step-by-step system for agents to follow to become successful, yet alone a system that includes world class support and mindset and accountability coaching so that agents can focus on what they do best - selling real estate - while their team does everything else.

With those goals in mind, Danny created and built the DSCVR Real Estate Network, the first (and only) system of its kind that provides its members with a worldwide network of real estate agents that includes training, coaching, accountability, technology, marketing, culture, support, and a world-class administrative team.
The outcome...
The DSCVR Real Estate Network is a real estate agent network that helps agents learn how to create a business that is predictable and profitable by providing them with the ultimate real estate success system and a culture of collaboration, productivity and accountability, so that they can have the freedom to live life on their terms and make a huge impact in the world through the clients they serve. 

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